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TEMPLE ISD Case Study on the QD 1200 Document Camera!

Thursday, December 11, 2008    7:43:43 AM

In 2007, an elite school district with over 8,500 students, 14 campuses, and the need to stay competitive with the newest technologies went on the hunt for a high quality document camera that could serve all of its diverse classrooms. Where to begin?
Technology Director Luann Hughes started from the basics. She built a few different model classrooms and filled them with new technologies that Temple educators tested to determine which products would best fit their curriculum.  A year went by of avid research, but they still hadn’t found a document camera that could match their expectations. They tested Avervision, Samsung, Lumens, Elmo, and others before finally discovering QOMO HiteVision’s QD 1200. 

They were amazed at the cost savings achieved by pairing the QD 1200 with the presentation stations they had planned for every classroom in the district. The QD 1200 is unique with its media center capabilities: connecting your projector, computers, and media players all in one place.

Temple ISD saved $500 per classroom in installation and hardware costs alone compared with the competition. It was so easy for the educators to control all of their devices- giving them complete mastery of their classrooms. Even better, the document camera was so simple to use that their training was a piece of cake: all conducted with a one-page manual. All of the QD 1200’s functions are outlined on the document camera itself so no matter your question, there is a guide located right on the camera’s base.

With roughly 340 classrooms, Temple ISD educators have seen amazing changes and improvements in their students’ ability to learn and interact with their studies. Superintendent Dr. Robin Battershell Ed.D. said that “It completely changed the way we teach”. Students are now more attentive, engaged, and have more insight into what they are working on and how it all ties together. There’s no substitute for clarity in knowledge, and the QD 1200 offers one of the highest quality image displays on the market.

Now, several months after installation, Temple ISD has been so pleased with their presentation stations that they conducted a demonstration for other districts in the area to show how easy and effective a technology upgrade really could be.

QOMO’s QD 1200 document camera gave educators the confidence and interactivity level they needed to inspire students to learn.