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QOMO HiteVision Wins 2009 Best in Tech!

Friday, April 10, 2009    6:10:33 AM

Scholastic Administr@tor Magazine has awarded QOMO’s interactive classroom solution with their 2009 Best in Tech award. Scholastic Administr@tor is trusted by 85,000 of the nation’s top administrators to provide insight into the best education solutions and the most effective technology and leadership strategies. Every product chosen as the Best in Tech has been hand-picked and carefully evaluated by their expert administrator-reviewers.

QOMO offers a unique, integrated solution consisting of high quality, affordable document cameras, interactive whiteboards, superior wireless tablets, and a revolutionary classroom response system. Their approach to providing a wide array of bundled software solutions to the end user makes them stand out in the field of competition that only offers one proprietary solution. QOMO believes in giving their users the freedom to choose their own specialized curriculum and software packages.

Scholastic Administr@tor will recognize the Best in Tech Award Winners from the 2008-2009 school year at a formal awards ceremony during the 2009 National Educational Computing Conference. They look forward to honoring QOMO HiteVision and its achievement in Washington D.C.