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New School Year Brings New Technology Needs

Thursday, August 13, 2009    1:26:40 PM

Specialized Software Packs Give You the Power to Interact Intuitively with Students

Wixom, MI August 13, 2009- With the new stimulus package upon us, QOMO has been very busy responding to the technology needs of schools across the country. With their affordable software packages, the QOMO Interactive Whiteboard series has never been more appealing.

Over 25 different curriculum packs are offered to end users to create the ultimate learning environment in the classroom. QOMO respects the need for specialized attention to curriculum and lesson plans. Not every software program works for every educational level. With offerings from Tool Factory, RM Easiteach, Teacher's Discovery, Forever Learning, and Math Buddy, QOMO covers k-12 and beyond with a range of subject areas from History/ Geography to Math/Science/English. QOMO also provides a unique Special Education bundle that goes great with their Infrared, finger touch sensitive board. 

QOMO has long been known for their exceptional quality in the document camera sphere. Always looking to provide more bang for your buck, the A/V industry is constantly surprised by their innovation and cost savings. They don't need to be the most expensive guys on the block, it's enough just knowing that they are providing a much needed product to classrooms across the country and beyond. QOMO has impressed with more than just their document cameras: their wireless tablets and audience response systems are being bought up like hotcakes. Their newest addition, whiteboards, are no exception to the QOMO legacy. After showing at the NECC show in Washington D.C. this year, it quickly became apparent how much of a need there was for cost-effective, high performing whiteboards in the market today. With the freedom to build your own software package to go with the board- who wouldn't jump at the opportunity for customization at a lower cost point?