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Endless Curriculum Content Solutions Now Provided!

Monday, August 31, 2009    7:33:33 AM

 Specialized Software Packs Give You the Power to Interact Intuitively with Students



Wixom, MI August 31, 2009- QOMO HiteVision, in keeping with their pioneering spirit, has partnered with several software partners to offer end users over 30 different software curriculum content packs. With specialized options ranging from Math K-6 to Special Ed, teachers can find exactly what they need to educate students to State standards.

QOMO has formed partnerships with RM Easiteach, Math Buddy, Tool Factory, Teacher’s Discovery, Forever Learning, and Starrmatica. They cover all subject areas, allowing teachers to customize their lesson plans as much as they would like.


Math Buddy Illustrator

Math Buddy Online Subscription

Starrmatica Online Subscription

Tool Factory Elementary Math Bundle

Tool Factory Middle School Math Bundle

RM Easiteach Math Toolbar (need Easiteach 3.4)

RM Easiteach Math Content Pack (nned Easiteach 3.4)


English Language Arts

Starrmatica online subscription

RM Easiteach English Language Arts Toolbar

RM Easiteach English Language Arts Content Pack

Tool Factory English Language Arts Bundle

GrammarActive Tic Tac Toe Games

English Basics Callenge Games SET

English Basics Baseball Games SET

Literature Challenge Game - Shakespeare

Literature Challenge Game - Mythology



RM Easiteach Science Toolbar (needs Easiteach 3.4)

RM Easiteach Science Content Pack (needs Easiteach 3.4)

Tool Factory Elementary Science Bundle

I-Periodic Table

Interactive Science - Dissectibles SET

Science Challenge Games SET

Science Baseball Game - Matter

Science Football Game - Biology

Science Electronic Board Game  SET



RM easiteach geography toolbar

E-Map set - Discovery Maps of US & World

E-Map set - Comprehensive Maps of US & World (political, landcover & elevation)

E-Map set - Advanced Map of US & World  (Political)

E-Map set - Advanced Map of US & World  (Elevation)

E-Map set - Advanced Map of US & World  (Landcover)

Geography Games set - Digital flashcards and football game


Social Studies

US Government Powerpoint and Games SET

World Religions Powerpoint and Challenge Game SET



US History Powerpoint set - Era 1-4 (pre-European)

US History Challenge Games - set of four

World War I & World War II electronic board games set

American History Football and Baseball Games SET

World History Powerpoint and Games SET



Spanish Digital Flashcard set

Spanish Concentration Game set



German Digital Flashcard set

German Concentration Game set



French Digital Flashcard set

French Concentration Games set


Special Education

Tool Factory Special Education Bundle

Tool Factory Early Learning Bundle


Quiz Maker

Ability to create, store and retrieve quizzes through a server based application