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QOMO Partners with RM Easiteach to Provide FREE Content with their Interactive Whiteboards

Wednesday, January 28, 2009    12:00:00 AM


QOMO HiteVision Partners with RM Easiteach to Provide the Complete Interactive Curriculum Content Package with their Whiteboards

Wixom, MI- 1/20/1009

QOMO HiteVision is partnering with RM Easiteach to provide a FREE software content pack to all of its customers who purchase a QOMO interactive whiteboard. QOMO HiteVision is once again on the forefront of the industry in providing this superior solution free of cost.

RM Easiteach is an award-winning family of whole-class software tools and content packs that can be used with any interactive whiteboard, projector, or tablet to deliver engaging and stimulating whole-class eaching across the curriculum.

RM Easiteach 3.4, is a lesson platform that allows you to create resources that incorporate text, clipart, animations, videos, flash files, sound, hyperlinks, databases and spreadsheets. It includes all the essential tools that you need to create interactive lessons for use throughout the curriculum e.g. draw, edit text, change color, enlarge, rotate, cut, copy, paste, animate plus a multimedia bank. Adapting existing lessons is easy, including those using Excel, Word, PowerPoint and video, for use with interactive technologies.

Subject-Specific Tools

Inspired by teachers , these math, language arts and science tools are designed to create exciting and engaging curriculum-focused lessons. They are easy to use, flexible software equivalents of familiar teaching tools that you already use in the classroom, for example place-value cards for Math, sentence builder cards for Literacy, map building tools for Geography and stopwatch and timer tools for Science.

QOMO HiteVision is a global manufacturer that specializes in providing the “QOMO Interactive Classroom Solution.” Today, the company manufactures products on a global scale- partnering with hundreds of dealers and integrators throughout the world. QOMO’s global center for sales, marketing, and service is located in Wixom, Michigan in the greater Detroit area.  For more information, please check the company website at www.qomo.com or call at 1-866-990-QOMO.