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QOMO Releases New Dual Pen EM Whiteboards!

Friday, August 6, 2010    12:00:00 AM

Qomo HiteVision has recently added the new Dual Pen feature to its already great Electromagnetic Whiteboards.  This new feature allows two users (Students or Teachers) to utilize the board at the same time.  This simple addition is a great way for educators to teach step-by-step procedures and have students follow along.  

Want to create some healthy competition in your class to motivate students?  Write a math problem on the QWB EM board and have your students race one another for the correct answer.  Environments and teaching moments like these are sure to hammer home important concepts students need to know for success on exams.

Our EM boards now come with a docking station and fast-rechargeable USB connections to make sure you never miss important learning moments in class.

Want to be a part of this phenomenon? Contact your local Qomo HiteVision dealer for details on how you can upgrade your current EM board.