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Multi-Touch Table and KidzTable!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012    12:00:00 AM

KidzBoard and KidzTable are Considered ISTE Show-Stoppers
Interactive Whiteboard & Multi-Touch Table Excite Educators


KidzBoard Brochure / KidzTable Brochure


QOMO HiteVision is proud to introduce two new classroom products that take a new approach to educational technology – The KidzBoard and the KidzTable. These ‘kidz’-focused products created a lot of excitement among the teachers, administrators and tech directors at the ISTE show in San Diego last month.


Teachers like the KidzBoard because it’s the first Interactive Whiteboard that is designed for small children. The KidzBoard is at a lower height, so kids can easily reach the screen. The board’s annotation software, KidzFlow!, includes the tools to create fun, animated, interactive lessons and games that capture and keep children’s attention.


“The colors, shapes and flashy animation attracted ISTE attendees to the board,” says Stacey Nordini, Product Trainer at QOMO, “and the lower height and moveable stand showed them how practical the board is too.”



The KidzBoard is conveniently bundled with the moveable stand and projector, making it easy to move around the classroom or school.


The KidzTable, an innovative interactive workstation, was a hit with kids and educators alike. The multi-touch table was also designed with children in mind – it’s padded tabletop and 22” or 32” screen give students the room and comfort to interact with online resources, educational content and games.


“The KidzTable is great for group projects, where two users can annotate and interact with the content at the same time,” says Beth Berens, Marketing Specialist at QOMO, “The KidzTable introduces a truly dynamic way of learning.”



The KidzTable and KidzBoard include KidzFlow! or Flow!Works annotation software. Flow!Works has the tools and resources to create detailed annotations, lessons and presentations, with the ability to incorporate a document camera and SRS system.


QOMO HiteVision LLC, an American company, is a global manufacturer of presentation technology for education and corporate markets, headquartered in Wixom, Michigan. QOMO’s comprehensive product line includes interactive whiteboards, tablets and LCD writing panels, portable and desktop document cameras, student response systems and integrated classroom software solutions. Learn more about QOMO HiteVision at www.qomo.com.


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