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NEW Flow!Works Now Available

Thursday, August 16, 2012    12:00:00 AM

Introducing QOMO’s New Flow!Works!
Educational Annotation Software for Interactive Whiteboards


QOMO HiteVision’s new version of Flow!Works has many new features and resources to make teaching any subject easier, more fun and more stimulating for students and teachers.



New Flow!Works Annotation Software helps the teacher create impactful lessons for all learning types using an interactive whiteboard or monitor, or wireless tablet. With New Flow!Works, students are involved in the lesson – whether it’s measuring angles with the geometry tools, solving a projectile motion problem with the physics tools, or annotating over a live Document Camera image. New Flow!Works allows students to learn by seeing, hearing, and doing.


Fun Features of Flow!
• Annotate over live doc cam/web cam image
• Insert multiple doc cam/web cam images
• Insert audio tracks
• Subject tool libraries (physics, chemistry, math, general)
• QClick voting module


It’s much more memorable to see and interact with lessons than passively sitting and watching,” says Beth Berens, Marketing Specialist at QOMO HiteVision


New Flow!Works is easy to learn and use, so teachers don’t have to worry about not being tech-savvy. New Flow!Works makes preparing and presenting lessons faster and easier, so teachers can focus on content and understanding.


Functional Features of Flow!
• Export to .DOC, .PPT, and .PDF
• Import any IWB file
• Multiple Flow! tabs at once
• Action panel (hyperlinks to web, Flow! slides, programs)
• Customizable layout


Turn your classroom into a fun learning zone with innovative lesson plans and memorable moments that students, teachers, principals, and parents will appreciate!


Check out our videos on how QOMO's New Flow!Works can make your classroom memorable on our website.