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Qomo has success at ISE & BETT A/V Tradeshows

Wednesday, February 13, 2013    12:00:00 AM

Qomo had a great show at the ISE and BETT A/V conferences, where we premiered our newest interactive presentation products to international markets.


Qomo’s LED multi-touch touchscreens, KidzBoard, and KidzTable created the most stir from show attendees.



Qomo’s LED multi-touch touchscreen, with 1080p and a vibrant image, is great for conference rooms, classrooms, showrooms, or anywhere where an easy-to-use interactive presentation monitor is needed. Qomo’s annotation software, Flow!Works, is great for schools and offices, allowing the user to create lessons, presentation, or annotate over PowerPoint, videos, graphs, live video feeds such as webcam and document camera, and more. We also offer a showroom software, Omnitapps, great for tradeshow settings.



The LED multi-touch touchscreen can include Balance Box or Conan brand stands, offering solutions to have your board at any height or angle.



Qomo’s KidzBoard, a fresh concept for Pre-K to 2nd grade, rests at a lower height, allowing young children to easily reach the board. The fun, interactive annotation software, KidzFlow, includes flash games, animated objects, and other multi-media, plus the fun colored orange frame are other attractions to the KidzBoard.



Multi-Touch tables, including the KidzTable, are quickly gaining popularity. Qomo’s 6-point touch KidzTable is great for schools, digital flipbooks & guides, virtual interactive tours at tradeshows or venues, interactive games and more. The KidzTable offers a lockable, shelved and ventilated cabinet to store a connected PC and has padded tabletop for comfortable leaning.


Debuting for the first time to European markets, Qomo’s new line of portable document cameras introduce a new approach to portability – a gooseneck, touch-sensitive camera (QPC25) and a foldable, HD camera (QPC50). Qomo’s QPC25 is an extremely lightweight 5MP camera with internal memory for saving images and videos, while the QPC50’s high-quality camera and 1080p resolution comes with HDMI input/output ports, an SD card slot, internal memory, an attachable back-lit panel and a handle for easy-portability.



QClickers, our popular line of student response systems, were on display, exhibiting our most popular models, the QRF300, QRF500 and QRF700, with accompanying software, where users can create, manage, run and review lessons within the software itself. Our newest version, QClick v7 as a PowerPoint plug in, so users don’t have to learn new software, but manage the entire process within the familiar software.


To learn more about our line of interactive presentation products for education and business, email us info@qomo.com or visit our website at www.qomo.com.


See more photos from our international tradeshows on Flickr.


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