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MACUL: KidzTable, Touchscreen & more

Friday, March 22, 2013    12:00:00 AM

Qomo attended MACUL, showcasing our Interactive KidzTable, LED Multi-Touchscreen, Wireless Presentation System and more from our interactive line of classroom products.



KidzTable & Touchscreen Many teachers loved our KidzTable and the Multi-Touchscreen, both using the same ultra-fast touch-technology and high-definition screens. With both the KidzTable and the Touchscreen, a laptop is wired (either through cord or wirelessly) to the screen, so that the presenter can share their laptop screen and use any programs, games or lessons they have on their computers.



Wireless Presentation The Wireless Presentation System allows presenters and the audience to both project their comptuer or mobile device screens. This is great for giving every student the opportunity to project their work, and expands the possibilities for group presentations.


ScienceCam We also features our stunningly vivid ScienceCam, a great portable document camera for Science classes, with it's microscope adapter and 48x Optical Quality Zoom - a zoom so close you can capture the texture of pollen in a flower.