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Basic Interactive Whiteboard (BW)

QOMO HiteVision Interactive Basic Whiteboard BW


The Basic Whiteboard (QWB-BW) was designed for people who want an interactive whiteboard for their students, but had difficulty finding one in their price range or was compatible with their own whiteboard software. We want our customer’s to have their cake and eat it too, so QOMO responded with this Basic Whiteboard!


Easier to Use
The QWB-BW board makes it easier for schools to purchase and use Interactive Whiteboards. The QWB-BW is more affordable, and is compatible with any annotation software currently being used in the classroom. All Qomo interactive whiteboards and monitors also come with Flow!Works 2.8, the newest version of Qomo whiteboard software! The QWB-BW has no on-board hot keys, so projection space is larger and users can use the software’s hot keys.


Affordable and Accessible
The Basic Whiteboard is made more accessible to every school or business by its affordable price. The board has a sturdy plastic frame and a dry-erasable & magnetic surface, so teachers can continue to write with dry-erase markers and paste notes on the whiteboard!




Software Features:

 Supports third party software applications

 Includes Flow!Works Annotation Software

 Annotate over any application and save your work

 Write with pen, finger or 'wand'

 Graphic tools allow you to define background selection and input custom graphics/images

 Create, edit and annotate over live motion video


Hardware Features:

 Durable Plastic

 Anti-Glare Projection Surface

 Using advanced IR technology, the Qomo Interactive Whiteboard recognizes the pen or will recognize your finger and accurately track you anywhere on the screen.

 Surface is durable, cleans up easily and is coated to provide minimal glare


Other Features:

 Easily integrates into a complete conference network

 Supports real time on-screen editing

 Integrates seamlessly with Qomo desktop and portable document cameras, writing tablets and QClick audience response system

 Free upgrades


* Requires a projector to project image onto interactive whiteboard

Application Overview

Flow!Works demo at ISE 2012


QOMO Interactive Whiteboards


Education: Electronic annotation and mark up of electronic files or images of all types. When used with a QOMO Document camera it allows annotating over any object or printed material under the camera lens.
Scientific Research: As above.
Medical Industry: As above.
Legal Field: As above plus: annotation over electronically displayed evidence and/or scanned documents.
Corporate: As above plus: annotation over AutoCAD drawings, spreadsheets, or other electronic documents.
Military: As above plus: annotate over Maps, photos, flowcharts, plans, 3D objects, training materials, etc.
Video Conferencing: Annotate over shared documents, 3D objects, files, CAD-CAM drawings and blueprints.