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QView QD1200
Legacy product

QView QD1200

qomo hitevision qd1200 full size document camera visualizer

Remarkable Zoom and Rotation
The QD1200 use a high resolution 1/3 Progressive Scan CCD giving outstanding image quality and a remarkable 20 frames per second video capability. The QD1200 features a professional 12X Optical Zoom Lens with 10X digital zoom. Features 180 degree Digital Image Rotation as well as a motorized camera head that allows you to show virtually any subject matter, printed or 3D, accurately and at high resolution.

Versatile and Easy
Our engineers have designed the QD1200 with a complete Multi-Media Switching system, Video Scaler and Projector Control. You can connect 2 MAC or PC computers (with audio), a DVD player, and a VCR directly to the QD1200, and you need only one VGA cable to connect to your display device or projector, saving hundreds of dollars in installation costs.

  • Professional grade 1/3" CCD with native XGA resolution.
  • High quality precision lens with 12X Optical Zoom and 10X Digital Zoom.
  • Motorized camera head for scrolling of documents, photos, etc.
  • Digital Image Rotation.
  • Digital Split Screen for side by side comparisons.
  • Built in Multi-Media Switching and Control Functions.
  • Internal Image Storage of up to 9 High Resolution Images.
  • High speed USB 2.0 port for Video/Image capture on both PC and Mac.
  • Powerful set of advanced image manipulation tools and special effects.
  • 2 RGB inputs and 2 RGB outputs provide outstanding installation flexibility and convenience.
  • Arm and Base LED lights are ECO-Friendly, cool to the touch and last up to 10 years.
  • View transparencies, X-rays, photographic negatives, and microscope slides using the built in full sized LED light box.
  • Wireless Remote Control.
  • Two-year Parts & Labor warranty.

Application Overview

Education: Display text books, homework, 3D objects, slides, etc. Record (via USB connection to computer) live video of class activities such as a frog dissection for later playback.

Scientific Research: Display samples, paper, & slides.

Medical Industry: Show X-rays, 3D objects such as bones or tissue samples.

Legal Field: Display evidence & documentations, compare items side by side.

Corporate: View products, prototypes and training materials.

Military: Maps, photos, flowcharts, plans, 3D objects, training materials, etc.

Video Conferencing: Share documents, 3D objects, CAD-CAM drawings & blueprints with remote attendees.