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Project, Share, and Interact Wirelessly!

QConnect Plus


Project and annotate your screen, all wirelessly!

The next step in wireless screen sharing technology is here!  With the ability to connect up to 64 PC, Mac or Mobile devices, the QConnect Plus now includes a wireless QSlate for anytime annotation.  With simple plug-in-play options, you can annotate with a program on your computer or with no computer at all!  Highlight bullet points, specify tables, or draw viewers into a certain section of an image; the QConnect Plus will bring a dynamic charge to your meetings and greatly help in presenting and specifying your talking points.  It can also project a virtual white or black board to annotate on, which creates an instant brain-storming session.


You can choose to make the QConnect Plus a part of your wired or wireless network. Simply plug in a network cable, or use the wireless setup to configure QConnect Plus into your local network. This will allow internet access to all connected users and also presentation from all network connected computers.

The QConnect Plus has been made more suitable for working in enterprise level environment and can handle more types of encryption.


Project iPad and iPhone Screens

Want to project your iOS device? You can project your iPhone or iPad to your screen using AirPlay via AirServer (Download AirServer to your Mac or PC) and then wirelessly project your computer screen to the interactive whiteboard or screen. Open and use any iPad app, broadcast for an entire audience to see!


Share Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and photos using the Wifi-Doc App or roam the classroom and use as mobile device to control your projected computer screen.


Now, it is possible to completely mirror the screen from your Samsung Galaxy device.  The free MirrorOp Sender for Galaxy app downloadable from the Google Play store enables you to show your Galaxy screen and present anything from your tablet or smartphone to the the big screen.  The Galaxy devices (Android 4.4 and above) will even mirror audio to the QConnect Plus, making the QConnect Plus function as your very own "Galaxy TV."


Sender for Samsung Galaxy: [Android]

Wifi-Doc App Store:  [Apple iOS] [Android]

SidePad App Store:  [Apple iOS] [Android]

MirrorOp App Store:  [Android]  



  • Plug-and-Play USB Drive
  • QSlate Wireless Tablet with Pen
  • Wireless Dongle
  • AC Power Adapter
  • 2 Antenna
  • Wall Mount Kit
  • Quick Installation Guide



Application Overview


Conference Room:  Quickly and wirelessly collaborate.

Lecture Hall:  Easily supports multiple presenters using different computers.


Classroom:  Schools, training centers, laboratories.