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QView QD3300
Voted #1 Document Camera by DA TechLab

QView QD3300

QOMO QView QD3300 Document Camera 


#1 Full-Size Document Camera!

Great Image, Great Features, Great Price!
The QView QD3300 is an excellent choice for any classroom. It features a sharp 2.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor and 12X optical zoom with great image quality with superior color reproduction. The full-size form factor makes it very easy to use with single button operation for switching video sources and selecting a variety of software image control features. The LED backlit base provides you with a sturdy platform to place your documents.


Connect the QD3300 to your Mac or PC with the included USB cable. Use the included Video Capture software to display live camera images, capture still images and record live video.





• XGA, SXGA, WXGA and 720p VGA output for use with a variety high resolution projectors and displays.

• High quality precision lens with 12X Optical Zoom and 10X Digital Zoom.

• USB computer interface with Image and Video Capture software

• Internal Image Storage for 128 High Resolution Images.

• High speed USB 2.0 port for Video/Image capture on both PC and Mac.

• Plug n Play

• Powerful set of advanced image manipulation tools and special effects.

• 2 VGA inputs and 2 VGA outputs provide outstanding installation flexibility and convenience.

• Arm and Base LED lights are ECO-Friendly, cool to the touch and last up to 10 years.

• View transparencies, X-rays, photographic negatives, and microscope slides using the built in full sized LED light box.

• Wireless Remote Control

• Two-year Parts & Labor warranty

• Need projector or LCD/LED/Plasma display screen in order to project document camera image for audience

• Compatible with GradeCam

Application Overview




Education, Corporate, Video Conferencing, Legal, Scientific Research, Medical, Military


QOMO HiteVision Document Camera visualizer applications


Ideas for your Document Camera!
• Zoom in to examine bone and tissue cell structures, and compare side-by-side the textbook image with the actual cells
• Display documents during a meeting for quick and easy sharing. Digitally annotate over the document and save it to your computer
• Video conference with other classes or business partners
• Use built-in camera switcher/scaler to display computers, dvds, etc.


QOMO HiteVision Document Camera visualizer applications