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QClick ARS Rental Program
Rent a set for your school or office

QClick ARS Rental Program


Rental System - Rent a QClick Audiene Response System

Discover the benefits of Qomo's QClick ARS by renting one or more of our QClick sets.

Enhance your classroom, school, business meeting, or trade show with our easy-to-use voting systems. We want you to get the most out of Qomo's ARS, so we will help you from beginning to end, with online software training, customer support and online tutorial videos. 


Audience Response Systems Rental Packages

Choose between our QRF300 or QRF500 package.


QRF300             QRF500


Audience Response Rental Packages: Starting at $500 

  • 50 ResponseCard RF LCD keypads for up to a three day event
  • RF Receiver, polling software and set-up fee
  • Free shipping on rentals ordered three weeks prior to event


Benefits of Qomo's QClick Audience Response Systems:

  • Quiz Genius:
    • Class List Management
    • Allowing student Log-in or Anonymous participation
    • Integrate with PowerPoint 2003, 2007 & 2010 to do the presentation with voting function
    • Show questions on QRF900 remote screen
    • Various Activity Mode: Normal Quiz, Roll Call, Elimination, Rush and etc. Up to 10 different Modes
    • Various Question Type: Multiple Choice, Short Answer, True/False, Likert Survey and Vote
    • Instant Histogram and Pie Charts for performance feedback
    • Vote upon any media such as webpage, images and documents
    • QRF300/500 support 400 student remotes; QRF700/900 support 1000 student remotes


    Exam Editor:
    • Question creating and correct answer info embed
    • Question Recognition and converting from the existing PowerPoint slides
    • State Standard alignment
    • Likert templates provided to create question super fast
    • Answer Sheet creation for voting upon any media
    • Set difficulty level and score for each question


    • More than 15 kinds of analytic reports for teachers to review the quiz for each student or classroom
    • Export data to other systems
    • Alter quiz result after the quiz session

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