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With the QWPS1000, anyone can wirelessly project their computer or mobile device screen at a moments notice. The QWPS1000 can present PowerPoints, Word, Excel, PDFs, photos, and anything on your computer screen.



Present from your device with no wires

Bring your own device into a meeting or classroom and present your screen without hassle. There are no wires or complicated settings. The QWPS1000 supports Windows and Mac computers, and Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Computers need only a quick program install, while mobile devices require two free app downloads (Wifi-Docs & MirrorOp).



Remote Viewing "BrowserSlides"

Not only can presenters project their screens to a large display, but their presentations can also be viewed on the audience members' mobile devices. By typing in a url in their browser, audience members can view the presentation as still images that refresh automatically every few seconds.


No Wires

The QWPS1000 device can sit near or on your interactive display, connecting via HDMI or VGA. Turn the device on and see your projection code display on screen. Type the code into the QWPS1000 computer program or mobile device app and you're ready to present your screen!

Mobile Device

Guests can bring their mobile devices to a meeting room, download the free app, Wifi-Docs, to present their PDf, PowerPoint, Word, Excel documents and images.

Users can also present still images of any app on their device by using a photo snap feature.

Surf the Web

Using the QWPS1000 admin system, you can easily configure your QWPS1000 WiFi to include your building's WiFi, enabling you to surf the web during your wireless presentation.

30+ Devices

Enjoy the convenience of connecting 30+ devices in one meeting. The QWPS1000 allows for easy switching between connected devices by simply pressing play, pause, and stop.


Quad View

Display up to four screens at once, so multiple people can share concepts at the same time.


Have students and meeting members watch your presentation from their own mobile device or computer, by simply inserting a url into their browser.

Conference Control

The QWPS1000 offers Conference Control, in order for one presenter to control who's device is being displayed.


Control your computer screen from your mobile device, allowing you to wander around the room while you present the materials on your computer.

Live iPad/iPhone/iPod Projection

With a low-cost third-party computer app, you can wirelessly project a live feed from your Apple mobile device to your PC or Mac, then project your computer through QWPS1000 wireless connection.

Customizable Welcome Screen

Greet your meeting room guests with a customized QWPS1000 welcome screen, including your company or school's logo and instructions on how to connect their device.




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