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QPC35 Caterpillar Cam
The most flexible document camera available!

QPC35 Caterpillar Cam

          **There's a grant available for this product!** (click below to learn more)


Smallest Footprint

The QPC35 clamps sturdily to your desktop, making it convenient for when you need it while occupying virtually no desk space!



Unprecedented Flexibility

Display your object from any angle with the QPC35. The Caterpillar Cam takes your projection to new heights, reaching about 2 feet tall and with 6-axis of flexibility. The QPC35 can view objects from multiple angles, or even be used as a webcam!



QCamera Software

Use the QCamera touch-compatible software for imaging features such as screenshot, picture-in-picture, timed shot, annotation, zoom and image flip. QCamera is a great way to turn a projection into an interactive lesson that can be shared with students to study from later.





  • Simple Plug & Play 
  • 14x Optical Quality Zoom 
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Flexible and Wide-Reaching 
  • One-Hand Click Control
  • Take Continuous Snapshots
  • Record Video & Audio
  • LED Dimmable Lamp
  • Energy Efficient


Application Overview



Education, Corporate, Video Conferencing, Legal, Scientific Research, Medical, Military



Ideas for your
Document Camera!

•  Live culinary arts or auto mechanics lessons

•  Media arts stop-motion projects

•  Desktop webcam

•  2-in-1 desk lamp

•  Scan documents


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