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QClick QRF900
Engage Minds and Gather Results Instantly

QClick QRF900

QOMO HiteVision QClick QRF900 Clickers Student Response Systems



The New Generation of Audience Response Systems
Its innovative cell-phone like design and vibrant, full color LCD display is engaging to students and teachers alike. It can be used wirelessly in a lecture hall, or leave the computer in the classroom and use the clickers out in the field to send and store information. The QRF900 allows for alpha-numeric and text inputs. Responders can key in short text answers along with numeric answers, or a combination of both. The full color, 1.7 inch display shows on-screen text for quizzes. This means students can see the question right on their QRF900, a great feature for field trips!


The Line between games and tests is blurred!
The easy-to-use QClick software package offers ten unique activity modes including testing, gaming and ad-hoc. Users can create new quizzes within the software or use existing powerpoint presentations or other files to administer tests and assignments to their audience.






Quizzes Made Easy for Everyone! 

  • Works with various quiz formats
  • Different activity modes: Homework, Rush Quiz, Hand-Raise, Roll Call, and more!
  • Conduct timed quizzes and tests
  • Homework mode allowing students to complete self-paced exams on or off-site
  • Traditional phone style keypad



 Instant Feedback

  • Instantly display results
  • Instant confirmation of response on the pad
  • Individual and group participation modes



 Microsoft and XML Integration

  • Easy one-click PowerPoint Slide Conversion
  • Export and import class lists in Excel format
  • Wireless instructor remote and the ability to import XML exam files



  Other Functions

  • Mouse control and laser-pointer functionality with the Instructor Remote
  • Remotely give tests and collect answers without a computer
  • Displays questions in full text on remotes
  • Secure, unique Student ID's assigned to each response pad
  • Generate queries based on class, individual or activity
  • 20 Line Full-Color Back-Lit LCD display with alpha-numeric keypad
  • Capable of inputting decimal numbers and fractions
  • The response pads and instructor remotes are durable, lightweight, and compact
  • Compact size receiver and modern stylish design
  • Automatically enter power save mode to maximize battery life
  • Automatic Login  
  • Generate queries based on class, individual or activity

Application Overview



Who uses QClick SRS?

Corporate Meetings
Focus Groups
Jury Selection & Voting