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Flow!Works Software
Creative Software for use with your Interactive Panels, Tablet, & Whiteboard

Flow!Works Software

QOMO HiteVision Classroom Solutions Annotation Software Interactive Whiteboard Tablet Document Camera Visualizer


Introducing New Flow!Works!

Interactive Educational Annotation Software

QOMO’s new version of New Flow!Works has many new features and resources to make teaching any subject easier, more fun and more stimulating for students and teachers.


Impactful lessons for all learning types
For all types of learners, with new Flow!Works, students learn by seeing, hearing, and doing:
• Annotate over live doc cam/web cam image
• Insert multiple doc cam/web cam images
• Insert audio tracks
• Subject tool libraries (physics, chemistry, math, general)
• QClick voting module



"It’s much more memorable to see and interact
with their lessons than passively sitting and watching."



Easy for Teachers
Preparing and presenting lessons is faster and easier, so teachers can focus on content and understanding:
• Export to .DOC, .PPT, and .PDF
• Import any IWB file
• Multiple Flow! tabs at once
• Action panel (hyperlinks to web, Flow! slides, programs)
• Customizable layout


"Turn your classroom into a fun learning zone with
innovative lesson plans and memorable moments that
students, teachers, principals, and parents will appreciate!"


Download Flow!Works here.


Add new files to your Flow!Works such as:

New useful image collections: Music, Sports, History,Sciences, etc...

New Backgrounds applicable to any subject: Blueprints, Film, Creative Writing, Algebra, etc...


Flow!Works Software comes free with every Interactive Whiteboard and Interactive Panel.





Easy to Use: 
• Screen lock
• New "Windows" layout (like conventional Windows application)
• New "Frame" mode
• Gesture pen
• Action Panel (hyperlinking within Flow slides)
• Mutliple Flow files can be open at once
• Allows adjustment of video window aspect ratio
• Supports standard Windows hot keys
Interactive Subject Tools & Games:
• General
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Math
• MatchMaker game
Integrate and Interact with other programs and hardware:
• Insert document camera and web camera to annotate over
• Assess students with QClick voting module inside Flow!Works
Save presentations and export grades to different formats:
• Flow! files
• PowerPoint & Word
• Websites


Application Overview

Flow!Works demo at ISE 2012

Download Flow!Works here.