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QoVision Digital Signage

QOMO HiteVision Digital Signage Software

Please visit the new QoVision website. http://www.easidigitalsignage.com/

QoVision from Qomo HiteVision is an exciting and easy to use Digital Signage software system. Intuitive by design, QoVision is the right software at the right time as the Digital Signage market begins to accelerate. QoVision was designed for two groups of users; those new to the Digital Signage market, and seasoned professionals of Digital Signage. QoVision allows the integration of Video, Graphics, 3D Animation, RSS feeds, interactive web files, PowerPoint presentations,as well as other multi media formats including live video streaming. OnLine demos available from QOMO HiteVision.

  • Open design format; no zones! Place whatever you want where you want it!
  • No limit to the amount of content contained on a page or in a show.
  • Allows you to use your existing visual assets and files.
  • Insert your PowerPoint presentations in their native format...no cutting and restructuring required.
  • Insert websites or HTML files. These are mouse enabled in our program providing instant interactivity through a touch panel.
  • Create and insert RSS fields by simply inserting the URL address.
  • Multiple video formats are supported including MPEG 1, 2 and 4, .AVI, .WMF, .ASF, Quick Time, and Real Player
  • Unique DataFlow allows for real time database updating from any ODCP standard database.
  • Scheduling is quick and easy by simply following the highlighted icons and inserting your projects into the schedule.
  • Instant Messaging provides for emergency announcements. Instantly across the entire network or to a specific player.
  • Multiple user access allows for independent scheduling to password protected players
  • RS232 control of QoVision allows control of your players and monitors.

Application Overview


Corporate Communication
School campus and school channel news
Hospitals and Medical campus'
Transportation Centers
Museums and Public Display
Governmen Agencies and communications
Court Houses
Anywhere a large amount of information needs to be displayed