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Journey Multi-Touch LED- 5 Sizes, 55-84"
Affordable Interactive LED Multi-Touch Display - *Mac Compatible

Journey Multi-Touch LED- 5 Sizes, 55-84


QOMO's Journey LED Multi-Touch Screen is a high quality, yet affordable multi-touch display that puts collaborative interactivity into any school or work environment.


The Journey displays up to 4K crystal clear images, with up to 10-point multi-touch and an ultra-fast response time. QOMO includes the most effective, yet simple features, creating an easy-to-use high-quality interactive display. With multiple screen sizes ranging from 55" to 84" with 4K resolution, the Journey suits all kinds of classrooms and meeting environments. 


 Qomo's Journey LED Touch Screen in ISTE 2015 Ed Tech Magazine


Why Upgrade your Whiteboard?

By replacing your traditional Interactive Whiteboard with an Interactive Display, you’ll save loads of grant money from installation and annual upkeep. No more lightbulbs to replace, no more projectors to calibrate, and less energy consumed.

Here's a breakdown:



Android Interface & Built-in PC

Journey comes with a built-in Android operating system that gives you an easy to use whiteboard, ability to print from your computer, annotate over anything, save content to your panel, and download Android programs without connecting a computer! Additionally, you have the option of receiving your panel with a built-in Windows 8 PC to have all the functions of a normal computer without bringing your own. Just press the on button and play!



4K & 1080p HDMI Resolution

A high-definition screen makes it easier for everyone in the audience to see the screen, and allows the presentor to incorporate exciting multi-media videos and content into presentations. The 84" has a 4K display and ultra-large display for crystal clear view from the back of the room.



Mac OS Compatible!

While other boards out there may not be compatible with Mac OS computers, our Journey allows you to easily switch between using either a Windows or a Mac computer while still maintaining it's multi-touch functions. There's no doubt that Journey is the most accessible board on the market! **request for driver if using Mac OS


Flow!Works Interactive Software

Import and annotate over multi-media, including video or document camera feed. This complementary software is a great way to create engaging interactive lessons and presentations on the fly.



Wall Mount or Mobile Stand

Fit for rooms of any size and shape - mount your Journey  touch display on the wall or on a mobile stand. Ask us about mounts and mobile stands that work best with the Journey monitor.


 Journey featuring 10-point multi-user touch

  • 55", 65", 70" 80", 84"
  • Anti-glare, tempered glass
  • 4K (84" only), 1080p
  • 10-pt touch, mult-user
  • Ultra-fast response time
  • Thin IR frame
  • Built-in speakers
  • Android Interface 
  • Integrated PC (optional)
  • Mac OS compatible
  • Energy efficient
  • Affordable price!


Application Overview

Overview of the Journey Android