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QView QPC60 "Science Cam"
Unique features, great for viewing object up close

QView QPC60


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Offline Video/Audio Recording and Playback
Want to save your presentations? The QPC60 Document Camera can be used without a computer to create a snapshot or record an MP4 video and audio with the built-in microphone. Then, play it back via the on-board color LCD display and speaker. Save everything to the SD card, and transfer to another computer. The QPC60 Document Camera allows you to present anywhere with a whole new impact. 


Easy to Use
The QPC60 Portable Document Camera offers an incredibly compact design with a sleek base and collapsible arm. Navigate easily through a variety of functions on the control panel, including image capture, freeze, text & graphics, color selection, image rotation, and many more. The fully articulated arm allows for dynamic viewing angles and depths; and rotation at the base allows for 180 degrees of shooting area.


Zoom Quality
In addition to the super-fast auto focus and macro viewing mode, the QPC60 Document Camera offers 3X Optical, 2X Smart Zoom (rescaling sensor zoom), and 8X Mechanical zoom to a total of 48X Optical Quality Zoom. It also comes with a microscope adaptor to view even the smallest of details.


  •  Record/playback video in MP4 format
  •  Built-in microphone & speaker
  •  LCD color display & backlit stage
  •  48x optical quality zoom
  •  Macro mode
  •  SD card slot
  •  Remote control
  •  Microscope adapter
  •  4 rotational axes
  •  Compact storage
  •  Need projector or LCD/LED/Plasma display screen in order to project document camera image for audience


Application Overview

QPC60 Features Video


QPC60 Sales Video


A Closer Look at the QPC60 Document Camera



Education, Corporate, Video Conferencing, Legal, Scientific Research, Medical, Military




Ideas for your Document Camera!
• Zoom in to examine bone and tissue cell structures, and compare side-by-side the textbook image with the actual cells
• Display documents during a meeting for quick and easy sharing. Digitally annotate over the document and save it to your computer or SD card
• Video conference with other classes or business partners
• Use built-in camera switcher to display computers