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QView QP10
Small Size. High Performance. Wall Mountable.

QView QP10

QOMO QPC10 Portable Document Camera


Like a smaller Full-Size Camera
The portable QP10 shares many of the same features and similar performance as our award-winning Full-Size document cameras, offering the same high-quality imaging technology.


Guaranteed Quality
The QOMO QP10 is highly portable, wall mountable and folds for easy storage in its supplied carry bag. All QOMO visual presenter/document cameras are backed by our industry leading warranty.




  • XGA Output for use with any type of high resolution display device.
  • High quality precision lens with 16X Optical Zoom and 8X Digital Zoom.
  • Fully automatic focusing: No buttons to push or focus rings to turn.
  • High speed USB 2.0 port for Video/Image capture on both PC and Mac
  • Powerful set of advanced image manipulation tools and special effects
  • Compact size and wall mounting capability provide outstanding installation flexibility and convenience.
  • Lighting system uses LED lights which are ECO-Friendly, cool to the touch and last up to 10 years
  • Choose between Static/Dynamic modes for high resolution images or high frame rate video.
  • View 35mm slides using the built in slide holder with LED back light.
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
  • Need projector or LCD/LED/Plasma display screen in order to project document camera image for audience

Application Overview


Education, Corporate, Legal

 QOMO HiteVision Document Camera visualizer applications


Ideas for your Document Camera!
• Zoom in to textbooks and 3D objects
• Display documents during a meeting for quick and easy sharing.
• Digitally annotate over your projection and save it to your computer