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QView QPC60A
40x Optical Quality Zoom and On-board viewing screen

QView QPC60A

QOMO QPC60 Portable Document Camera

Offline Video/Audio Recording and Playback
Want to save your presentations? The QPC60 Document Camera can be used without a computer to create a snapshot or record an MP4 video and audio with the built-in microphone. Then, play it back via the on-board color LCD display and speaker. Save everything to the SD card, and transfer to another computer. The QPC60 Document Camera allows you to present anywhere with a whole new impact. 


Easy to Use
The QPC60 Portable Document Camera offers an incredibly compact design with a sleek base and collapsible arm. Navigate easily through a variety of functions on the control panel, including image capture, freeze, text & graphics, color selection, image rotation, and many more. The fully articulated arm allows for dynamic viewing angles and depths; and rotation at the base allows for 180 degrees of shooting area.

Zoom Quality
In addition to the super-fast auto focus and macro viewing mode, the QPC60 Document Camera offers 5X Optical, 2X Smart Zoom (rescaling sensor zoom), 8X Digital Zoom, and 18X Mechanical Zoom, and a total of 40X Optical Quality Zoom. It also comes with a microscope adaptor to view even the smallest of details.


Learn more about Qomo's zooms





  •  Record/playback video in MP4 format
  •  Built-in microphone & speaker
  •  LCD color display & backlit stage
  •  40x optical quality zoom
  •  Macro mode
  •  SD card slot
  •  Remote control
  •  Microscope adapter
  •  4 rotational axes
  •  Compact storage



*Need projector or LCD/LED/Plasma display screen in order to project document camera image for audience


Application Overview



Education, Corporate, Video Conferencing, Legal, Scientific Research, Medical, Military


QOMO HiteVision Document Camera visualizer applications



Ideas for your Document Camera!
• Zoom in to examine bone and tissue cell structures, and compare side-by-side the textbook image with the actual cells
• Display documents during a meeting for quick and easy sharing. Digitally annotate over the document and save it to your computer or SD card
• Video conference with other classes or business partners
• Use built-in camera switcher to display computers



QOMO HiteVision Document Camera visualizer applications