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MultiTouch Pack - Interactive Presentation Software
Create Engaging, Interactive Presentations for any Industry

MultiTouch Pack - Interactive Presentation Software

MultiTouch Pack is interactive presentation software for touchscreens - with packets available for multiple industries: Education & Business, Entertainment, Retail, Hospitality, Events and Kids!


Bring Touchscreens to their fullest potential, with games, apps & other interactive customizable content for any industry.


Interactive Product Galleries

View the entire product line, with easy dropdown menus to learn more. Make notes on product brochures and images while explaining features and specs to your customers.

Qomo Canvas

Create visual explanations with the Qomo Canvas - choose between 3 different backgrounds. Save and email these annotations.

6 Point Touch

Enjoy 6 touch points in this presentation software, allowing for collaborative presentations and game-playing!


Add & Hide Custom Apps

Create multiple "Apps" and easily switch them off or on. 

Interactive Games

Puzzles and other games for fun interaction between your customer and your brand.

Designer Authoring Tool

Prepare your interactive touch presentations in the Designer authoring tool and then display them in the Desktop presentation tool. 


Trial the Software! Download the Designer Authoring Tool


Designer - create interactive touch presentations in minutes
  • Designer allows you to build your own touch presentations/games and other interactive content without any technical background. Just drag and drop your multimedia files, such as images, videos and pdf-s, to create your own app in minutes. 
  • Designer is free and you can start creating your touch content straight away with no limitations. This means the tool can be distributed to all students at school or to all employees in a company etc. (e.g. students can use it to prepare homework or end-of-year project presentations while business people can use it as a much more engaging PowerPoint alternative etc.)
  • Designer can be installed on any computer - not necessarily the one connected to a touch screen. Designer allows users to build apps in landscape mode only. 


Desktop - a sleek user interface to display apps prepared in the Designer tool 
  • Desktop is a user interface for the apps created in the Designer tool.
  • Desktop allows you to decide which apps and user interfaces you want to show to the end users 
  • Desktop is a safe and closed environment that can be used by the general public with no supervision


Application Overview

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MultiTouch at a Glance




STARTER – Recommended to all users who’d like to experiment with building simple media presentation apps out of the box. Great way to add value to any Full HD touch hardware sales. 


EDUCATION AND BUSINESS – More media presentation options, drawing and annotation. Recommended as extension of the starter pack for schools and corporate clients (boardrooms, meeting rooms). Includes customizable browser and enables showing other existing apps in Desktop interface. 


ENTERTAINMENT – Branded gaming and entertainment content. Recommended as a standalone option or as an extension of the Education and Business pack. Used in all contexts to increase audience engagement. 


RETAIL – Interactive product presentation for retailers. Flexible presentation of promotions, special deals and pricing. Enables social recommendation of products. Includes motion triggered interactive poster to catch attention of prospective clients. Recommended as a standalone option or an extension of Education and Business and Entertainment packs. 


HOSPITALITY – An information center solution for hotel lobbies used to inform, assist and entertain hotel guests. Although it can be used as a standalone solution, it is recommended as an extension to the Education and Business and Entertainment packs, to make sure you are able to provide the full experience for your hospitality clients.


EVENT – A dedicated application for product/service presentation during events. Saves client data and allows meaningful follow up after the event. Although it can be used as a standalone solution, it is recommended as an extension of the Education and Business and Entertainment packs to make sure you are able to provide the full experience for your event clients.


KIDS – Entertainment and creative applications for children designed for touch tables to be used in all areas visited by parents with young children – kids corners in shopping malls, waiting areas, kindergartens, education centers etc. Note: The Kids pack is non-editable and is sold as a fixed product.